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"I have worked with Don for 10 years now in his role as an executive recruiter. He is very well connected in the financial services industry, understands all aspects of the business well and does a great job of bringing pre-screened candidates to the table. I am happy to recommend him."

Michael Goering

Michael Goering

IHS Markit

"Don is fantastic to work with, a recruiter who honestly works to understand you and your requirements. I had a definite goal of working with a major brokerage company compared to my previous experiences. As soon as Don contacted me and filled me in on the details about the position, I knew I was interested. From setting up the interview process to getting the position, Don was very collaborative and always on top of the game. He consistently supported me in my application. He went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews and provided an approachable but professional service."


Yuri Kaganovski


"I have known and worked with Don since 2008. He is fantastic at his work and invests a great deal to build and maintain his network, which is rare. He gets to know people very well and builds trust. Don regularly sponsors the community getting together. Because of his significant investment in a meaningful network and staying on top of developments, he can solve problems very quickly. Don knows whom to call when and to connect people. He is by far the best in his line of work."


Tom Raptis


"Don is an amazing financial professional that puts his integrity on the line to deliver performance for his clients. Don is honest and direct, he lets you know what he can realistically do for you. I can say that if you’re climbing the path to success and looking for a new opportunity then Don Chadwik is someone I highly recommend working with."

Alex Kremenchutsky

Alex Kremenchutsky


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About us

At Excelsior FinTec we know that you want to be the premier brand and market leader that attracts and retains a high performance team. In order to do that, you need effective sales people to scale your business and revenue. The problem is that you are losing sales opportunities while struggling to find qualified candidates with strong communication skills who are knowledgeable and self driven.. This makes you feel frustrated with your current hiring process that is becoming time consuming and expensive.

Excelsior Hiring Process Includes

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3 Ways To Have More Revealing Interviews 1

3 Ways To Have More Revealing Interviews

Questions to determine that you have the right candidate.