The Top 15% of Fintech Talent is the Goal:

Your company has the best-laid plans. You can have the best product, perfect timing, along with the newest technology running, but if the talent is wrong it’s all wrong.

Fintech is a relatively new business area. It is one of the most popular, up and coming lines of business in the world. In order to be part of that revolution, your Fintech company needs the right talent.

At Excelsior FinTech, we know that good people drive your growth and innovation. The problem is finding that talent and on-boarding them before your competition.


  • Are you lacking quality candidates with the right combination of hard and soft skills?
  • Is the process of hiring costing you too much?
  • Taking too long to hire the right leaders?


  • Is your  career stuck in a rut? Do you need a bigger challenge than you currently have?
  • Looking for a  different responsibility?
  • Thinking about a move?

Why Recruit With Excelsior Fintech?

Excelsior Fintech is a premier Executive Search Firm headquartered in New York City. We provide organizations across the country the ability to more rapidly and surely hire the top 15% of Fintech talent. Excelsior Fintech services a wide range of companies in the financial technology sector.
It takes more than just advertising a position to recruit the needed experience, education, skill sets in today’s candidate-centric marketplace. Did you know that less than three percent of top talent is actually looking for a new job?

Learn More About Excelsior Fintech

Excelsior Fintech is a Top Recruiting Firm Specializing in Executive Fintech Placement

At Excelsior Fintech we create partnerships and help to build businesses, taking them to the  next level by helping them to add the most important pieces to the puzzle.

We work with unique, up and coming companies who are working to transform payments, crowd funding, lending, risk, compliance, personal money, anti fraud and even blockchain. We connect the best and brightest of talent with the Fintech companies who are in need of their assistance.

Our previous placements include these:

  • Banks
  • Hedge Funds
  • Software Vendors
  • Asset Managers

Roles we have filled in these spaces include sales hunters and account managers, pre-sales engineers, project managers, software implementation engineers and data engineers.

The Excelsior Recruitment Process

Step One

Learning more about you and your company and your company culture. Determining exactly what you need as a business and defining the opportunities available to all of us.

Step Two

Seeking out candidates via multifaceted streams and social media channels and emailing and vetting them carefully to ensure top 15% of candidates.

Step Three

Managing expectations, setting up and conducting interviews to ensure that the candidates fit the company culture as well as possess the soft and hard skills necessary for the job.

Step Four

Negotiating, conducting the background checks and making sure that both you and the candidates are well supported in the on-boarding process.